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The WORKPROS Advantage

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Being a home owner comes with its own set of challenges. Making changes to your investment also come with challenges. Let WORKPROS take the challenge out of your next project. Call us today for a no risk Free Estimate.

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Default Loan Services

Vacant properties are at risk to various types of damage during the many months it takes servicers to complete the foreclosure and conveyance process. These damages are often insured perils such as fire, windstorm, vandalism, and theft. The cost of repairing these properties can be covered by the proceeds from a settled hazard insurance claim. With increasing frequency, HUD, the GSE’s, and investors are steering servicers to use hazard claim proceeds to repair properties to pre-damaged condition. At WORKPROS, our business is executing insurance repairs to help clients maximize their claim and achieve compliance with HUD and investor guidelines.

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Default Mortgage Services

Today’s mortgage servicers, housing authorities, and field service vendors are faced with a high volume of challenging and complex damaged property issues. Effective repair management ensures that your firm will capture 100% of the replacement value of your insurance claim while reducing the risk exposure associated with municipality code involvement. At WORKPROS, our team has the extensive field and default servicing experience to rehab your distressed property to pre-damaged and conveyance condition with no risk of reconveyance or repurchase. Your damaged property exception is our area of expertise!

Hazard Insurance Repairs

Property damage can impact the time-frames and profitability of servicers and field servicers alike.  When damage is insured by a homeowners or lender-placed policy, the cost of repair may be mitigated or eliminated by the claim proceeds.  Partnering with WORKPROS to manage your Hazard Insurance Repairs will maximize your hazard claim value. (read more)

Lawn Maintenance

Whether you are a mortgage company or a assett manager we can assist. (read more…)

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