WORKPROS is a licensed GC,
and specializes in insurance restoration.


We can handle all of your Insurance/Hazard Claims needs.  Our team is well versed in  working with insurance adjusters, code enforcement and other variables associated with this service line. 


As a licensed General Contractor we can address any need you may have from remodels to full scale construction.


As a licensed Residental General contractor we are able to assist in building or renovating your dream home. call us today for a consultation.


Do you have rental property, apartments or other properties that need to be managed or maintained? Contact us today for a customized property management plan.

Default Services

Today’s servicers, housing authorities, and field service vendors are faced with an evolving gauntlet of compliance, vendor management, and municipality-related challenges. Contact us today for a tailored Default Services Action Plan based on the specific needs of your organization.